Preparation For : 4 People | Preparation Time : 40 Minuites (Approx)
  • Phula Kobi ( Cauli Flower ) – 750 gm
  • Aalu ( Potatoes ) – 200 gm
  • Tomato ( Tomato ) -100grm
  • Jeera ( Cumin seeds ) -2tps
  • Dhania ( Coriander seeds ) -2tps
  • Sukhila Lanka ( Dry chilies ) -2pc
  • Aada ( Ginger ) – 1inch
  • Dhania Patra ( Coriander leaf ) – 40 gm
  • Haladi Gunda ( Turmeric powder ) -1 tsp
  • Dalchini ( Long Cinnamon ) – 1 inch
  • Aleicha ( Small Cardamom ) – 2pcs
  • Lavanga (Clove) -2 pcs
  • Golamaricha ( Black pepper ) -6pc
  • Refined oil – 4btps
  • Salt ( as per taste )
Preparation : Step wise
  • Remove leaves and stem from cauliflower and cut into pieces. Peel off the potatoes and cut into cube sizes.
  • Heat a pan; fry the cumin seeds (1tps) and coriander seeds (2tps) together till it turns light brown.
  • Make a powder of small cardamom, clove, long cardamom and black pepper.
  • Make a fine paste of tomatoes (50 gm), dry chilies, ginger, coriander leaf(20 gm) ,the fried cumin seeds and coriander seeds(from step-2) .
  • Chopped the rest tomatoes (50 gm) and rest coriander leaf (20gm) and keep aside.
  • Heat oil (1btps) in the pan, add cauliflower and salt as per taste to it and fry till cauliflower turns light brown and keep aside.
  • Again heat oil (1btps) in the same pan. Fry the potatoes till it turns golden brown and remove from flame.
  • Heat rest of the oil (2btps) in a pan and add cumin seeds(1 tps).Allow spluttering.
  • Add the paste (from step-4), turmeric powder to it and stir it. Fry this paste over medium flame until it beings turning light brown.
  • Add the tomatoes (from step-5) and stir it properly.
  • Add the fried cauliflower (from step-6), the potatoes (from step-7) and continue fry till the vegetables fried with the paste properly..
  • Then add 3-4 cup of water to it, add salt as per taste and stir it properly and
    lid it with a cover.

  • When it start boiling, lower the flame, and boil it for another 10-15 minutes until
    vegetables are become tender and the gray thickens to the desired consistency.
  • Then add the garam masala powder (from step-3) and stir it properly.
  • Finally remove the pan from flame ,add the chopped coriander leaf (from step-5
    and serve it hot or cold with rice or roti.
Photo Gallery : Recipe Preparation

Health & Additional Cooking Tips

Cauliflower and potatoes contains protein, calcium,vitamins-C and energy.

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