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468 x 60 px ( 12.5c m x 1.6 cm) 1 5000
250 x 200 px (6 cm x 5.3 cm) 3 4000

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  • Dalma Really appreciate ur efforts Mam. I lived in Odisha for 6-7 years during my MBBS and I really love this…
    → NK
  • Masala Pura Kunduri Bhaja It looks deliciuos. I stays in hyderabad and when I bought Kunduree, my freinds said it's a dumb vegetable. Do…
    → Hrudananda Das
  • Chuna machha batibasa Add few peppercorns when you prepare the paste.
    → M K Pattanaik
  • Dalma The DALMA recipe published by Ms Trupti Patra is awesome. I appreciated the hard work to put together this website,…
    → Gautam Sarangi
  • Dalma The way some people are critical is really amusing. First there is NO single dalma recipe; coconut use is…
    → Subhayu