Bhendi (Okra)- 250 grams
garlic- 6 cloves
Lemon - 1 large
Cumin seeds- 1 teaspoon
Dry red chilli - 3 pieces
Turmeric - 2 tea
sugar - 2-3 teaspoon

Masala- Dry fry cumin and red chilli. Grind it to a powder form. This is called “Jeera-lanka” gunda.

Wash and dry Bhendi. Cut them into medium pieces(half inch).
Heat half teaspoon of oil in a pan and pan fry the bhindi till soft. Add turmeric powder and salt. keep it aside.

In the same pan, heat some more oil, add phutana,crushed garlic, 1 dry red chilli and fry it. When it browns, add 1 cup water and bring it to a boil. Add fried bhendi and cook for 5 mins. Add sugar and stir well. Now lower the flame and add lemon juice and 1 spoon full of jeera-lanka gunda.

Note: adjust the sweet-spice-tangy flavor according to your taste.

4 Responses
  1. sushree Says:

    my maa prepare this with little tamarind water instead of lemon juice.that tastes good too..

  2. ANU Says:

    wel this recipe can also be prepared with mustard paste,too tasty!!!

  3. susmita pradhan Says:

    Bahut bhala lagila

  4. smita Says:

    Anu, How do you cook the bhendi khatta with mustard paste. Please do share your recipe. thank you in advance.

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