Soak the chana dali for 4 hours

Blend chana dali with little salt, 1 green chilli, coriander leaves, curry leaves and 1″ piece of ginger.

Deep fry in oil in medium heat by scooping the paste in a spoon.
Let it fry until the pakodas become crispy and golden brown.
Don’t make too big size it may cook outside but remain raw inside.
Drain the pakodas to a tissue paper to soak excess oil


6 Responses
  1. Rabindra Says:

    If you add Both Coriander leaves & Curry Leaves which smell of leaves
    you will get. Please suggest.


  2. Namrata Says:

    You will get smell of coriander. You can add more coriander if you like that smell.

  3. Smruti Says:

    If you look at authentic oriya recipe for Pakudi, coriander never used. Only curry leaves are added.

  4. Ashok Says:

    I am not sure about curry leaves in authentic odia pakudi! I do not see any problem in adding corriander leaves and still keep it odia!! Pakudi is an all india dish! Where is the reference for curry leaves making it authentic odia?

  5. Ramakrushna Says:

    please suggest how to prepare smooth besan pakudi

  6. Anuradha Says:

    If you grind upto dal is crushed and add some crushed corriendar and fennel seeds. Then apply some oil on palms and make wada (bara) flatten it and deep fry with coconut chutney. DALWADA

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