Fresh fruit juices vs bottled juiceFresh fruit juices vs Bottled juices available in stores

Freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices ( from fresh fruits and vegetables ) are packed with live enzymes, chlorophyll and organic water which very quickly deliver deep hydration and oxygen to the cells and bloodstream of our body. On the other hand, bottled juices available in stores, have lost most of their life-giving enzymes, the nutritional properties have been largely compromised and they often contain added colourings and fake and refined sugars.

The only thing that attracted me, is it’s way of packaging. No doubt, the master of Marketing Kotler Phillips wrote this “P” ( Packaging) as one of the 4 essential “P”s of secret of effective marketing.

In addition juices made fresh with live foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables give your body a concentrated dose of pure Life Force Energy, the force that breathes life into every living thing. Bottled juices only serve to deplete this vital Life Force. If you need any more convincing, just try drinking a freshly pressed, organic fruit and vegetable juice one day and then a bottled juice the next and notice the difference in the lift it gives you! . I myself tried bringing a bottled Organic Juice of Apple one day and then compared the same with Freshly prepared juices using a Juicer the next day. Believe it or not I could feel the difference in terms of taste, freshness and of course a liveliness.

In case you can’t get Fresh fruit juice and you have to buy from stores, then always go for Oraganic Fruit ( not from concentrate but from fresh pressed ) Juice.

What is the best time to consume juice ?

For maximum absorption of energy and oxygen , it is always best to take freshly pressed juices on an empty stomach, in the morning. If you are a diabetic patient, please make sure you don’t consume any fruit juice in empty stomach as it may shoot your body’s sugar level up. You may consume fresh juice any time of day if you can’t take it in morning but make sure you do your best to drink it on an empty stomach.

If you want to have food after the juice then please allow at least 30min of time. This will allow the juice to be fully absorbed and digested. If you want to drink freshly pressed juice at any other time of the day, please allow a minimum of 3 hours after your previous meal.

Vegetables are always a “safe” choices for your juices. Not only are they full of live enzymes, nutrition, chlorophyll and Life Force in liquid form, they do not have the potential drawbacks of the fruit sugars. Emphasise the leafy greens in your freshly pressed juices for maximum nutrition and energy.

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  1. Amrit@fruit and vegetable basket Says:

    Real juice are good for health as they are fresh and immediately can be consumed after they are processed. The best part about real juice is that there are no added flavors. Whereas canned juice may contain added flavors or other ingredients which keep them fresh for long time which make it unhealthy to consume.

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