Muga Dali (roasted)
Saru (Arby) (cut into small square pieces)
Kancha Kadali (Plantain) (cut into small square pieces)
Kandamula (Sweet patato): little bit, about one handful (cut into small square pieces)
Oau: 4/5 long pieces, soaked in water if dried
(Dried one, get it from India / get here in USA)
Ghee: 2 tbsp
Jeera Lanka Gunda (Roasted Cumin & Chili Powder)
Curry Leaves
Jeera (Cummin Seeds): 1tbsp
Dry Chili: 2
Salt and turmeric to taste

Boil the dal in a vessel with only salt and water.
When it is half cooked add 5/6 curry leaves and all the vegetables (saru, kadali and Kandamula except Oau) to the half cooked dal and let it cook. When the vegetables are about 3/4th Cooked add the Aau to this. The consistency of the dal like dalma but not too thick. When vegetables are fully cooked prepare a tadka of cumin seeds, dry chili and curry leaves and pour the tadka to the above dalma

Add roasted Jeera Lanka Gunda to the dalma and it is ready to serve with plain rice and ghee.
(Alternatively you can just add ghee and jeera lanka gunda without the tadka)

4 Responses
  1. ranju Says:

    Hi ,

    The way the receipe has been explained , with Oriya language flavour , felt like I was cooking 🙂 . Keep it up . Very good

  2. Manoj Says:

    Where do you find Oau in US?



  3. geetanjalee Says:

    Taste of dalma is more authentic if curry leaves and haldi powder are not added.

  4. Tiki Says:

    My mother adds boiled kalachana to dal too. Since we don’t have Oou here, she adds lemon juice at the end.

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