Kakharu saga (pumpkin leaves)- bunch
Kakharu danka (stems)- 3-4 long
Saru (Arbi) – 100 grams
Kakharu (pumpkin) – 100 grams
Baigan – 100 grams
Janhi (Ridge gourd)- 100 grams
Potaotes – 2 medium
Mustard seeds – 2 teaspoon
Cumin Seeds- 1 teaspoon
Dry red Chilli- 2
Green chilli- 2
Panch phutana- 1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder – 2 teaspoon
Shrimp- 300 grams

Masala- Soak mustard seed, green chilli and cumin seeds for 1 hour. Grind to a fine paste. Set aside.
Wash and cut all vegetables into medium pieces
Crush kakharu leaves and then wash and cut them
Lightly peel the Kakharu danka (stems), cut into 3 inch pieces and wash them.
In a pan, heat oil and put dry red chilli and panch phutana. When it starts to splutter, add cut vegetables.
Stir and add turmeric powder. Cook covered.
When vegatbles are half cooked, add 3-4 teaspoon of mustard paste. Stir well. Add salt and cook covered under medium flame.
Marinate shrimp with little turmeric and salt. In a separate pan, lightly fry the shrimp. Set aside.
When vegetables are almost done, add kakharu danka, shrimp and kakharu saga (leaves). Mix well and cook covered for 5 more minutes
or till the leaves cook a little.
Note: You can substitute shrimp with chingudi sukhua (dried shrimp).

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  1. elizabethjvv Says:

    I just made this. It’s the only recipe I could find on the internet, containing pumpkin stem! It’s DELICIOUS – delicate, tasty, fragrant. Thanks, will definitely make it again & am posting photo now.

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