Kalara(bitter groud)- 250gms
Potato- 2 big size
Mustard seed- 2tsp
cumin seed- 1/2tsp
Garlic clove- 1 small
Chili power
Pancha phutan
Mustard oil

Grind mustard seeds, garlic, cumin seeds and water to a smooth paste and keep it aside. Cut kalara and potato into small pieces. Take a kadhai and put oil and heat it. Add pancha phutan and let it splutter. Now add mustard paste, cut vegetables, salt, chili powder,haldi and little water. Wait till done.

Serve hot with pakhala. Its a dry recipe

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  1. jyotirmayee Says:

    its so testy…its bein 10 years…. t i misd it so much but am goin t gv m fnrdz d flavor f odissa.

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