1 medium eggplant, 1 small Radish
3-4 pieces of Bhendi ( Ladies Finger or Okra)
4-5 pieces of Simba(Lima Beans), 100 gms of Pumpkin
3-4 Pieces of Arvi (Saru) peeled and diced
1 Medium Sized tomato, 3-4 tbs of Yougrt
100 gms Kolatha Dali(Horsegram)
Curry leaves, Panch Phutn, 6-7 Whole red chili,
2-3 tbs rice soaked in water for 1 hour.
1. Grind the soaked rice with 1-2 cloves of garlic and 1-2 whole red chili.
2. Pressure cook dal with salt and Turmeric till almost done.
3. By that time put some oil in a pan and add mustard seeds. After the seeds splutter, add the cut tomatoes.
   After the tomatoes are cooked, bring it down to room temp.
4. Then to this tomato khata, add the ground rice paste, and yogurt. Mix it properly.
5. To the boiled dal add the vegetables(except Okra). Boil it again till the vegetables are done.
   By the mean time fry the okra in a frying pan with little oil. Fry till the stickyness of okra is gone. Add it to
   the boiling vegetables.
6. Add the mixture of step no 4 to the boiling vegetables and stir continously. Boil again for 5-7 mins.
7. Heat some oil in the frying pan and add the panch phutan. When they splutter, add the curry leaves and
   whole red chili .   Pour this phutan over the ambila and cover it immediately . Serve with rice.

P.S.You can adjust the sourness by adjusting the amount of curd or tomato. Make sure kolatha dali
    should be dry roasted before cooking.

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