Misa Pariba Posta TarakariIngredients:

Kunduri (Tindora)- 500 grams

Potatoes- 1 medium (cut length wise)

Long green beans- 100 grams

Egg plant- 1 small

Poppy seeds – 2 table spoons

Green chillis- 3

Jeera- 1 table spoon

Onions – 1 small (diced)


Masala – Make a paste of poppy seeds, green chillis and jeera.

Cut vegetables lengthwise and cut them thin.

Heat oil and fry onions. Then add the cut Kunduri. Add salt and cook with little water till half done.

Add the other vegetables and then add turmeric powder and red chilli powder. Cover and cook for 10 mins.

Add the posto paste and stir till the masala blends well with the vegetables.

Cook uncovered on medium low flame till the vegetables cook very well.

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    It is very tasty

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