Take 2 cups of flour and put 1/4 cup hot oil (for the moin) in it. Mix it well and when cooled use water to make a hard dough. Now make small balls of the dough.

Now make one ball into a medium puri shape size with a belan then put some sweetened shredded coconut * in it for the stuffing in the centre.

Take 2 ends of the puri and overlap them over each other and use a little oil to close it properly. Turn it on the other side (it will look like a cylinder)and take the two ends and overlap them over each other.

Use 1 clove to fasten it properly.

Deep fry these on medium heat until they are golden brown. Put them in sugar syrup after draining excess oil and take it out when the next set of fried latikas is ready (after a short time).

Relish them when are cold.

* TIP: Sweetened coconut can be found in the baking section aisle of any grocery shop.

For the sugar syrup take 1 1/2 cup of sugar in 1 cup of water .

Dissolve it ,add elaichi and little kesar to it and put in the microwave for 7 min.

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