Mutton – 1kg
Onion- 250 grams
Ginger – 100 grams
Garlic – 75 grams
Potato- 250 grams
Turmeric – 2-3 teaspoon
Chilli powder – 2 teaspoon
Teja Patra – 2
Mustard oil
Dice Onions, ginger and garlic into small pieces.
Marinade Mutton with 3 tablespoon mustard oil, 3 Teaspoon turmeric, 2 Teaspoon red chilli powder and 3 teaspoon salt. Then add the diced
ginger, garlic and onions and marinade for 4-5 hours.
Heat 1 tablespoon mustard oil in a pot, add Teja patra and whole cinnamon stick, and 4-5 cloves. Then add 1 small diced onion and stir well
till browned.
Add the marinated mutton with spices to the pot and stir in high heat for 10 mins and then cover and cook in medium heat ocassionally stirring it.
Cook till the mutton is almost 70% cooked and add large sized cut potatoes.
Add 3 cups hot water and cook with the lid tightly closed on medium heat till the mutton is tender.

2 Responses
  1. kalpataru_panda Says:

    Nice preparation. If you make paste of onion, garlic and ginger instead of dice, it will give much better taste. After the mutton cooked, it is suggested that you should sprinkle powder of elaichi and dalchini which would enhance the flavour.

  2. satyaprakas Says:

    Bhari badhia…Patiru lalagadilani padhiki

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