Goat Meat Boneless – 1 lb
Ginger Garlic Paste – 3 tbsp
Oil – 1 cup oil
Juice of 1/2 Lemon, salt to taste
Turmeric 1 tsp, Red Chilli Powder 1 tsp
Vinegar – 2 tbsp, Sugar – 1 tbsp


Heat oil in a pressure cooker in medium heat
Add the ginger garlic paste and stir for few minutes
Add the meat and cook for 5 mins or until the smell is gone
Add turmeric and chilli powder
Bring to pressure in low heat and wait until one whistle
Let the cooker cool itself to open
Open the cooker and while the meat is hot, add vinegar, lemon juice and sugar
Mix and let it stand for a while
Enjoy! The taste is better when stored for few days

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