Fish – Ikg ( Use big fish like Rohu, Catla or Bhekti)
Coriander powder- 1 table spoon
Garlic 5-6 cloves, Dry red chilis- 3
Cumin powder- half teaspoon
Ginger – 30 grams, Onion- 2 medium
Cauliflower- 1 small, Tomatoes -1 medium (diced)
Potatoes – 2 medium (cut lengthwise)
Tomatoes- 1 large (diced), Turmeric- 3 teaspoon

Masala- Soak coriander, Cumin, Garlic, red chillis, little onions, ginger and make a fine paste.

Marinate fish with turmeric and salt and fry lightly. Cut cauliflower into big florets. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a pan and lightly fry the cauliflower florets for 5 mins. Set aside. Heat 1tablespoon oil in the same pan and add onions, cook till golden brown. Stir in the ground paste and cook well. Put diced tomatoes, 1 teaspoon turmeric and cook till masala is well done.
Add cauliflower florets and potatoes. Mix well and cook covered in medium flame for 10 mins or till vegetables cook halfway. Add 3 cups of hot water to the masala, stir well and bring it to a boil. When it starts boiling, add the fish pieces. Cook together for an additional 5 mins. Serve with Rice.

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