Potato – 200 grms
Janhi- 500 grms
Green chilli- 2 pieces
Garlic- 4 pieces
Posto – 2 table spoons
Haldi – 1 tsp
Mustard oil- 1 tblsp
Salt – 1 tsp

Masala paste: Soak Green Chillis, garlic and Posto with water. Grind it to a fine paste.

Peel and Cut potatoes and janhi into small pieces and set aside.

Take a small cooking vessel (dekchi) and layer it with banana leaf. Put the vegetables in the pot.

Add the Masala paste, salt, haldi and mustard oil to the vegetables. Mix well. Cover the pot with a lid and cook in low flame for 30 mins. No need to add water.  When vegetables are cooked and the oil separates, take it off the flame. Serve hot.

Note:  The use of banana leaf is optional. You can cook it by putting the vegetables directly into the pot with little oil.

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