Preparation For : 4 People | Preparation Time : 30 Minuites (Approx)
  • Kancha Kadalee (Raw Banana)- 175 grm
  • Saru-(Arum)- 175 grm
  • Desi Aalu(Yam)-175grm
  • Aalu (Potato)-150rm
  • Badi – 25 gm
  • Buta Dali(gram Dal)-50grm
  • PanMahuri( Aniseeds)-2tsp
  • Teja Patra(bey leave)-2pcs
  • Sukhila Lanka(Dry Chilli)- 3 pcs
  • Ghee -3btsp
  • Jeera(cumin seeds)- 3tps
  • Haladi Gunda (Turmeric Powder)- 1 tsp
  • Luna (Salt)- as per taste
Preparation : Step wise
  • To start with, roast the dry chilies (1 piece) and cumin seeds in a frying pan until it urns brown and then make powder of it.
  • Peel off the vegetables (raw banana, yam, potato and arum) and cut these into small slices/pieces
  • Soak the dal in water for about 15 minutes
  • Heat ghee in a pan , add rest of the dry chilies , aniseeds, cumins , bay leave , allow to splutter .Then add BADI to it .Fry the badis till it turns golden brown.
  • Then add the vegetables, dal, turmeric powder and salt(as per taste) and fry it for 10-12 minutes stirring in between.
  • Add water (3-4 cups) to it ,stir it and lid with a cover. Boil it until the vegetable are tenderly cooked.
  • Finally sprinkle the cumin chili powder (from step -1) on it and serve with rice.
Photo Gallery : Recipe Preparation

Health & Additional Cooking Tips

Raw banana, Potato, yam, arum are rich in energy, calcium, carotine, vitamin-C, potassium and protein.

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