Fresh sajana phula- 2 cups (freshly collected from garden)
onion chopped- 2tbs
3- grated garlic- 1tsp
Besan- 1/2 cup, Salt
One medium size boiled patato
Refined oil for frying

Wash sajana phula in cold water carefully. Add onion, garlic, salt and mix it well. Then add patato and besan and mix it properly. Heat oil in a deep pan and make small balls out of dough. Press it slightly in between your palms and fry it till golden brown. Remove it on tissue paper.

Now yummy sajana phula bara is ready. Serve hot with dahi pakhala.

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  1. ranjita Says:

    Oh it’s a blessing………..yumm……………
    I m living away from my mom and missed this ………….
    but i can make it myself too
    Thank u

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