Suji 100 gm
Green Chillies
Dhania leaves

Take the suji and put it in a bowl. Add fresh curd to it and make a paste or batter.The batter should be made , so that u can make a pitha like chakuli pitha, but the batter should not be very thin because we are going to make small sized pithas. Now add salt to it as per the taste. Now add the chopped onions(quanitity should be more to make it more tasty), chopped chillies and chopped dhania leaves into the batter.

Now take a tawa and put oil and make a small size round pitha on it . flap it upside down carefully so that it does not breaks and make it till it is cooked and brown colour comes like chakuli pitha.

Serve hot with sause, it is yummy.

Note: The quanity of Suji and curd can be taken as per your requirement.

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  1. rinki Says:


    The receipe looked good and so I tried this. But the problem is it was never coming in a chakuli shape.
    The moment I tried to flap it upside down, its all gone . please tell me if i need to add something else
    to make a proper paste in which proper chakuli shaped pitha can be made.

    But the taste was good, though the shape was not at all proper.

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